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I think I can definitely say that zombie blood is really, really bad for metal. It's eaten holes in my sword. I was sure I had gotten it all off, but I suppose not. I think my old Killing Edge would have stood up to it better due to the... magic, I suppose? that makes it work, but that's kind of a lost cause right now. At any rate, while I'm here I'll need to buy a new one.

Any of the others out there that fight with swords, spears, axes, etc., have you found any similar problems? I'm hoping this is just a particular breed of them or something.
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Eighth; [filtered against OSTA]

Well, it took a while, but I've finally gotten to one of the smaller Nhodes. It all seems so dismal... Zak's gone, and there's been nothing on ANTI, and we're hiding down here. I don't like it.

We've got to stop this. For ourselves, for our worlds, and for everyone with us! But... what can we do? So far, all we've been able to do is fight the monsters and stuff. It makes sense to me that if we're going to stop this, we've got to get to the root of the problem! I mean, we've already lost Nhode. What else can we lose? More importantly, what else are we going to let them take from us? If we could just find their base!

Mister "N," um... what happened? Are you okay? You didn't get caught in the attack did you?
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Seventh; [Filtered against OSTA]

[ooc: edit. Heh, Guy-mun has a bad case of the dumb today. ^^' Disregard comments that reflect the post that was here, that is, Guy finding the surface. ^^' edit2: fail continues. I swear, I'll get it right!]

I hope everyone else made it out okay. That was a long way to run, but at least now I can rest a bit before going on. It doesn't sound like anything else is caving in. I wonder how much further it is?
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[filtered to Zelos but hackable]

Sir Zelos, I failed! I couldn't find enough girls to talk to, much less convince any to go out with me!


Has anyone heard anything from ANTI? Like if they're doing anything else to stop all these monsters and stuff from getting into our worlds? Sure, the stuff that OSTA is doing is pretty bad, but... I have a hard time siding with a group when it doesn't seem like anything's being done! I refuse to just blindly pick a side just based on what they've said, I want to see some actions!
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Oh! Now that the transporters are back up, I can leave here. So, I suppose my offer still stands. Does anyone need any help with the monsters? They seem to be less of a problem than they were at first, but anything to get out and do something I'll definitely help if I can!

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Well, Nhode is nice and all, but it's kind of... boring. I don't feel like I'm doing anyone any good here at all!

So, does anyone need a swordsman to kill some monsters? I don't really need pay or anything since I've got enough money for a lifetime from the army, but I'd like to help out anyone that needs it! I can't just sit around and wait for the army to come back; they wouldn't want me to. If I can do something, I want to!

What with the transporters being out, it might take me a bit longer to get there, but I'll definitely be there as soon as I can!
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Well, Nhode is really nice! And most of the people here are nice too though some are really creepy. They've got really good ice cream here!

But... I'm still looking for my friends. I thought that maybe some drawings would help, so here: Collapse )

Looking at everyone else around here, they shouldn't be all that hard to spot. But be careful if you see Karel because he might um... flip out and kill you!
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